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Shoplifters to serve sentence outside

THE Choma Magistrate’s Court has slapped a six-month jail term with hard labour on two men of Lusaka for stealing goods worth over K4,000 from Spar Choma outlet.
Choma chief resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe, however, suspended the sentence imposed on John Bwanga, 48, of Garden township and Mufuta Matafwali, 38, of John Laing on condition that they do not commit a similar offence within one year.
In this case, Bwanga and Matafwali were charged with theft.
Bwanga and Matafwali between April 27 and April 28 this year in Choma, jointly and while acting together with others unknown, stole 13 sachets of Boom washing paste, two bottles of Boom sparkle liquid, 10 sachets of golden soya pieces, three bars of Boom laundry soap, 2.5 litres of cooking oil, 4 kilogrammes of sugar, a kilogramme of salt, four bottles of lotion, a tablet of Protex soap, two sachets of Amigo Cheese Curls and five sachets of Amigo Classic Small Curls.
The two also allegedly stole a face towel, three litres of juice, two tubes of Dark and Lovely cream, two bottles of mineral water, 27 bottles of pepper, two sachets of Royco chicken soup, two sachets of beef and onion spice and 36 tins of Nido powdered milk, altogether worth K4,481 , the property of Spar Choma outlet.
The matter came up for written facts before Mr Sinyangwe on Friday.
“As elderly people,  you are supposed to be role models to young ones and not stealing, I sentence you to six month imprisonment but suspended to 12 months plus a K500 fine each or four months simple imprisonment,” Mr Sinyangwe said.
Facts before the court are that Bwanga and Matafwali on April 27 this year with others unknown went to Spar Choma and started picking items from the shelves but never paid for them.
The duo, who had earlier been captured on CCTV, was apprehended the following day when they went back to the supermarket in a bid to steal more goods.