Shibuyunji district poised for bumper harvest

SHIBUYUNJI district commissioner Jairos Simukoko says the area is expected to record a maize bumper harvest this year because of the good rainfall the district received during the 2016/2017 farming season.
And Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe is happy about the anticipated bumper harvest in Shibuyunji.
Mr Simukoko announced the anticipated maize bumper harvest in the district recently when the provincial minister visited Shibuyunji to inspect development projects.
He attributed the expected bumper harvest to the good rains experienced in the area and the quick response by Government in tackling outbreaks of crop pests such as stalk borer.
“As you are aware, we are just coming from the rainy season and we had a huge task of distributing fertiliser conventionally because the district is not yet on the electronic voucher system. Nevertheless, we expect a bumper harvest as it has been raining heavily in the district,” Mr Simukoko said.
He said the maize in the district was attacked by stalk borer.
“About 49,000 packs of fertiliser were distributed in the district. The exercise was successful and farmers received their packs on time. The stalk borer was quickly contained because the chemicals were given to farmers in good time and they sprayed their fields. In terms of food security, we are safe as a district, some maize is ready and people are eating,” he said.
And Mr Simukoko assured Mr Mwakalombe that implementation of Government development programmes in Shibuyunji is going on well.
“We have 10 low cost houses, 20 high cost houses, a police station, and a district administration office is under construction. I am glad to report to you that all the contractors were paid, some are on sight while others are just waiting for the rainy season to end,” he said.
Mr Simukoko said contractors will resume work once the rainy season is over.

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