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‘She’s gone for another man’

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
A LIVINGSTONE resident of Maramba township has told the local court that he is no longer interested in his nine- -year-old marriage because his wife is married to another man.

Lewis Mwitumwa has sued Betty Sikangila for divorce after she deserted their matrimonial home for over a year.
In his statement, Mwitumwa told the court he has become a laughing stock in the township because his wife has deserted their matrimonial home.
Mwitumwa said he made several attempts to find out the whereabouts of his wife who had initially informed him that she intended to go to Lusaka.
He said he was against the idea of his wife going to Lusaka because he believed that she had relatives who would help solve their problems.
Mwitumwa later learnt from his wife’s relative after six months that she was in Sinazongwe.
He said he was shocked to see his estranged wife at his house despite telling her that he had remarried his first wife.
Mwitumwa said the couple does not have children.
And Sikangila confirmed that the couple has been married for nine years and bridal price amounting to K1,200 was paid.
Sikangila also confirmed that she did not inform her husband that she had moved from Lusaka.
She said it is not true that she was married in Sinazongwe.
Meanwhile, Sikangila’s brother, Brave, told the court he was too young to resolve the marriage problems the couple was facing.
He said their uncle who lives in Sinazongwe has requested Mwitumwa to go to the village to solve the issue.
And local court magistrate Esau Daka adjourned the matter awaiting feedback from the family.


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