Shelly Kaps sings against winter

NOT too sure whether it is tongue-in-cheek or not, but budding afro pop singer Samuel Ngulube aka Shelly Kaps has released a new single tilted June Yabwela aimed at encouraging youths to abstain from sex or be faithful to one partner regardless of the weather conditions.

The song, which features Ty2, is Shelly Kaps’ second hit single after Kumalabo featuring Leo Munthu, which the rapper released towards the end of last year.
The 23-year-old is happy that June Yabwela, loosely translated as ‘June has come’, is receiving massive airplay and downloads on various social media sites.
Produced by Ronny Prod, the song is also a timely reminder for youths to stick to one sexual partner even when under peer pressure.
“I wrote the June Yabwela song which was released last month to encourage my fellow youths not to spend the cold season with anyone else apart from their partners and avoid engaging in sexual risky behaviour that exposes them to HIV,” the 2015 Arakan High School graduate told the Weekend Mail.
Shelly Kaps, who is inspired by Wizkid, is also working on another single titled Chi Mutinta, a tribute to beautiful women.
“I intend to feature T-Sean on the Chi Mutinta song which is likely to be released in August this year,” Shelly Kaps, an employee of Packrite Zambia, says.
He thanked Raising Sounds Studios for supporting him in his quest to develop his musical talent.


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