She thought her fiance was a saint…

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
SHE was young and in love. She believed everything and anything her man told her.
The rest were jealous of the blossoming relationship. He flaunted her to everyone.
This gave her confidence that the man was head over heels in love with her.
For convenience, I will call the man James and the woman Cathy.
The two dated from the time Cathy was in secondary school, now in her late twenties, she has known no other man but James. James would talk to her about his friends, both male and female, to her.
This means she knew most of his friends.
However, there was one female friend that James would talk about but Cathy never got to meet for one reason or the other. James would tell her how much this particular friend looked forward to meeting her. Cathy was smitten with James’ flattering remarks, as she usually was.
Well, that did not bother her because she trusted James with all her heart. As far as she was concerned, he was a saint and he could never do anything to hurt her. James knew this for a fact and took advantage of Cathy’s naivety. He was a player but she could see through him. How could she? She was in love.
As fate would have it, she one day found herself at an institution where James’ female friend operated from. She felt that was an opportune time to meet her. Besides, James told Cathy that this particular friend looked forward to meeting her.
Beaming with confidence, she went to the reception to ask for the woman. She was ushered to the woman’s office and when she got there, she proudly introduced herself as James’ fiancée. The other woman seemed baffled with the introduction and asked her to repeat herself. Cathy realised the environment was not as friendly as she had expected. Before she could finish explaining in detail who she was, she was asked to leave. The other woman flashed a ring into Cathy’s face telling Cathy that James and herself were scheduled to be married in a few months’ time.
The news burst her bubble. She walked out with tears rolling down her face. She had so many questions going through her head. She wondered how a man who treated her like a queen could cheat on her. The pain was too much to bear, she had to hear James’ side of the story. She picked up the phone to call him, apparently the other woman had already called James. The response she got from James was not what she expected. He was upset with Cathy and did not want to see her again.
Cathy went to the other woman’s office to surprise her, instead the surprise was on her.
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