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‘She poured urine on me’

A THIRTY-TWO YEAR OLD man of Kitwe has alleged that his wife poured urine on him when he tried to counsel her against excessive alcohol consumption.
This is in a case where Patrick Musonda has sought to divorce Florence Phiri on grounds that she drinks too much alcohol and has no respect for him.
Musonda told Buchi senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya that when the couple got married in 2010, they lived in harmony until 2011 when his wife started showing her ‘true colours’.
“She started drinking a lot of beer and whenever I talked to her about it, she would insult me,” Musonda said.
He said at one time when he tried to counsel Phiri over beer, she got a chamber pot from underneath their bed and poured urine on him.
Musonda said he then sued her for divorce after that incident but later he forgave her and

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