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‘She has made me impotent’

A THIRTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD man of Mansa district in Luapula Province has countered his wife’s suit for divorce because she has made him impotent.

Erick Musamba told the court that he cannot perform in bed when he attempts to sleep with other women.
He said there is no way his wife Agness Kapundu would divorce him now because she has made him practically useless in bed.
This is in a case in which Kapundu sued Musamba for divorce on grounds that her husband is violent and unsupportive.
When the matter came up for hearing last week, Musamba told the court that Kapundu, who he has been married to for 11 years, cannot divorce him because she is the only person he manages to sleep with.
Musamba told local court senior magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba that problems in the couple’s marriage started immediately they got married.
He narrated that each time the two have marital disputes, his wife denies him conjugal rights and does not serve him any food.
Musamba accused his wife of lacking respect for him and beating up his mother.
“My wife always packs her clothes each time we argue. I cannot sleep with other woman apart from her. Each time I am with another woman, my manhood does not move. I wanted to marry another woman because of her behaviour but I cannot perform,” Musamba said.
He also accused his wife of adding charms in his food and that his sister had caught her on different occasions.
“My wife also puts charms in my food, she was caught by my young sister on different occasions, and we found a bottle with charms and needles around it,” he said.
Musamba also accused his wife of tearing down his ego by saying that he is not man enough and that she no longer has interest in him.
He also accused his wife’s mother of telling him that she made a mistake to give her daughter to him because he is a poor man.
But Kapundu said Musamba does not love her because he beats her up and fails to support her financially.
Kapundu begged the court to grant divorce saying that the two might end up killing each other.
Passing judgement, magistrate Zaloumis, observed that Musamba’s happiness has been taken away as he cannot marry another woman.
She said judgment in the case would only be delivered once Musamba’s condition is addressed by Kapundu who caused it.
She adjourned the case to October 18 for judgement.

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