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‘She calls landlord’s name in sleep’

A MAN of Mansa’s Chinanda village has narrated in the Mansa local Court how his wife of 16 years who is allegedly promiscuous, calls out their landlord’s name in her sleep.

Appearing before senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba was David Chisunka who sued Charity Mwewa for divorce.
David Chisunka also wants to divorce his wife because she is careless with the management of things in the house.
The two tied the knot in 2001 and have three children together. Dowry was paid.
Chisunka said when he married his wife, all was well until his wife started having extra-marital affairs.
He said one day he found his wife in a compromising situation with their landlord but he never said anything.
Chisunka lamented that each time they sleep, his wife calls the name of their landlord in her sleep.
“I found my wife with my landlord in a compromising situation but I didn’t say anything. She has now started calling the name of our landlord in her sleep,” he narrated.
Chisunka also accused his wife of misusing things at home and that a 2.5 litre container of cooking oil in his house lasts only one week.
“My wife doesn’t know how to use things in the house. When I buy a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie-meal, it finishes within a short period of time. When she goes to bath, she leaves bathing soap in the water,” he said.
Chisunka said his wife is so careless such that he even eats all the sweets and biscuits at their shop when she goes there to check on things.
He said his wife is a trader who leaves home at 06:00 hours and returns home around 23:00 hours, without worrying about their children.
Chisunka narrated that one day he was surprised to knock off from work only to find his wife had left the matrimonial home.
And Mwewa said her husband is a jealous man who accuses her of sleeping with her own brother.
She said her husband only gives her a K1 to buy food for home and failed to provide for the family.
Magistrate Zaloumis adjourned the matter for judgement.


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