‘Share infrastructure facilities’

INFORMATION Technology expert Mathews Mwewa says telecommunication companies should co-share certain infrastructure facilities to provide quality services.
During the Zambia Finance and Investment euromoney conference session on technology-investment opportunities and scope for growth, Mr Mwewa said it is not necessary for a company to put up infrastructure in an area where such a facility is in existence.
“For instance, why should a new company be obliged to put up telecommunication towers when such facilities are in place? That company should be allowed to invest in other needy areas of operations to ensure provision of high quality services,” he said.
Savannacom managing director Cris Munyati said policies in information communication technology (ICT) should be harmonised to ensure effective synergies in the industry.
“We have gaps in our policies. For example, the installation of communication towers in chiefdoms around the country is focused on voice but how do we ensure that education and health are delivered through this infrastructure,” he said.

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