Shangombo ranch set for beef-up

GOVERNMENT has set aside K470,000 to revamp the State ranch in Shangombo district in Western Province.
And Mongu Municipal Council has formally written to Government to

consider granting Mongu a city status.
Western Province deputy permanent secretary Bernard Chomba said funds for the rehabilitation and restocking of the ranch will be made available soon.
Mr Chomba said the ranch will be stocked with exotic and local breeds to improve the export value.
He said the ranch is vital as it is situated near the border with Angola.
“The Shangombo State ranch has never been stocked for a very long time, but this government is committed to revamping it as seen from the amount of money that has been allocated for this project,’’ Mr Chomba said.
Mr Chomba said Government has further set aside an undisclosed amount of money for promotion of citrus fruit farming in the province, in line with its economic diversification programme.
He said the provincial administration does not see any reason why some supermarkets should be stocked with fruits from outside the country when they can be produced locally.
He said the department of agriculture has already planted 1,800 trees at Namushakende Training Institute for distribution to locals.
Meanwhile, Mongu town clerk Patrick Kambita said in an interview that the decision to apply for the upgrading of Mongu to a city was arrived at during a full council meeting held on March 31, 2016.
He said Mongu has met most of the requirements and boasts of good infrastructure, as well as enough land for development.
“Apart from that, our population has surpassed the 1,000 requirement and the town has a number of banking halls, which is also a requirement,’’ he said.
Mr Kambita also said the upgrading of Chipata to a city and Chongwe to a municipality motivated them to apply.


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