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‘Shalapo Chanicandala’ goes on stage, screen

FORMER Vice President Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe’s book Shalapo Chanicandala has been adapted for the stage and screen by his daughter Mulenga.
The project is being supported by the Matero Constituency Development Committee, and the crew members who have been shortlisted are residents of Matero constituency in Lusaka.
Those selected already are publicity co-ordinator – Lottie Siame (known as Tondolo in Ifyabukaya), programmes co-ordinator – Stanley Kafula (known as Ba Max in Brothers TV series), Charity Mwanza (costume designer from Charine Designs), Moses Lungenda – sound designer from Saulos Media Productions), Filati Siame (lighting person), Jonathan Mwamba Salubusa (director – Saulos).
However, there will be further auditions next Friday at Matero Community Hall from 14:00 hours to 18:00 hours.
“The committee is very happy that after producing the play for stage starting with the launch at Matero community Hall and then shows at Lusaka Playhouse, Kitwe Little theatre, Capitol Theatre in Livingstone, Chingola arts Society, Mufulira arts Council and Roan Antelope Dramatic and Theatrical Society before adapting the same for screen with the film version premiering in October next,” Matero Constituency Development Committee spokesperson Sauloshi said in a statement.

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