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Shadia Zaher signs record deal

UP-AND-COMING singer Shadia Zaher, known for featuring on Petersen’s hit song Oxygen, has signed a record deal with Transblasts Entertainment, a multi-media company located in Lusaka.
Shadia, who had taken a break from music to concentrate on her school, has a new single titled Deadline, which has been getting some airplay on some radio stations.
“I took a break from music and went out of the country to study in Malaysia.  But I’m back now,” the 20-year-old Shadia, whose name means sings, says.
“I don’t want to limit myself to just Zambia alone, I want to go beyond. I don’t want to be comfortable with the local fan base alone. I want to hit the international scene. That is the way to go, even the quality of music should really be good because.
“We are working with producers from Atlanta in the United States but my producer here is Magician. There’s no limit. I am Zambian though, was born here and grew-up and developed my love for music here.”
Shadia is also working on a love song tilted ‘Break Away’ which is about a woman who is in a troubled relationship but nonetheless stays in it.
Meanwhile, despite a poor turnout on New Year’s Eve at The Frog in Lusaka, Chiko Chali was unperturbed, and went on to perform as if it was before a packed audience.
This was supposed to the night for Mozegetar and his mimbulu boys to usher The Frog faithful into the New Year, but with the clock ticking towards 22:00 hours, it was clear that the audience will simply not turn-up.
It was left to Chiko Chali to shake things up for the few people that had paid the K50 entry fee. It was a performance typical of Chiko Chali, full of dance moves which included him dancing on the top of the speaker.
What a risk this man takes!
But he is a man of risks; early in his career, he left the Amayenge to pursue a solo career. At The Frog, he was not alone on stage; he was later joined by Leo Muntu, who put up a cameo performance.
By then, it was clear that even the few people in the audience, would not wait for Mozegetar to usher them into the New Year.