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Sexually-abused wife wants divorce

A WOMAN of Mindolo township in Kitwe has asked the Buchi Local Court to end her 10-year marriage to her husband whom she has accused of abusing her sexually.
Prisca Bwalya wants to divorce Melvin Banda on grounds that he has been torturing her mentally and abusing her sexually.
The couple got married in 2006 and has four children between them.
Bwalya told Buchi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Nsama Mutono when the matter came up for hearing last week that she feels traumatised because her husband always goes for anal sex.
She complained that their sex life was dull and that her husband always demanded anal sex.
Bwalya narrated that she has had to leave her matrimonial home on a number of occasions to minimise the trauma she goes through but her relatives always send her back to her husband.
She narrated that initially, things were well in their marriage but problems began when her husband started working.
Bwalya said her husband became overly suspicious of her and was always accusing her of having extra-marital affairs with other men.
But Banda denied his wife’s allegations against him and accused her of denying him conjugal rights.
He said his wife had stopped cooking or caring for him and spent all her time at church.
Banda complained that his wife was in the habit of going to bed with skin jeans on contrary to existing marital norms.
Magistrate Mutono gave the couple some more time and reserved judgment to a later date.

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