Sexting culture, women have power to end it


EVEN though sexting is a taboo topic, most people are doing it, but the trend is common among women and they are seemingly doing it dangerously.
It is important to note that sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs to another person of the opposite sex using mobile phones, computers or any digital device.
Sending naked selfies has currently taken centre stage in Zambia despite it bringing shame upon the victims.
But one thing that people seem not to understand is that private parts should be kept private.
What women should know is that it is not a must to oblige if a man requests for nude images.
It is therefore vital to have self-control when handling certain requests that can land one in trouble.
Sadly, nearly everyone having a cell phone has Facebook, Twitter, email or some social media platform and has potential to get entangled in the shameful act.
Sexting has become an incredibly common trend that needs to stop.
Unfortunately, some women think that sending a nude picture to their lover will tempt him into some fun later on in the day, but there are other ways to get that attention.
Some things are better done in person, not via camera.
This is why sending nude pictures to someone you trust is not safe.
Today, technology is vast in terms of social media; you might make a mistake of sending the picture or video to the wrong recipient.
Within a few minutes, the pictures or videos go viral. Remember, people today are always looking for something fresh to talk about.
Applications such as SnapChat, which supposedly erases what you send moments after it is received, are not safe. This is because most people know how to take a screenshot with their phone immediately they receive nudes.
SnapChat is pretty awesome, but all it takes is a quick screenshot of that nude photo you send to that guy you are trying to get with and now that picture is permanently on his device such that it can be posted online, texted back and forth between friends. You never know where it will end up.
For those that care about their future and dream of becoming a public figure, it is important to avoid jeopardising the future.
Women should respect themselves to an extent that even a lover will not ask for any nude picture.
There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances such as chances of breaking up – would you want your ex to still keep your nude pictures?
Following the recent trend of nude pictures finding themselves on social media, it is evident that the culprit will want to see nakedness from every imaginable angle but a deterrent should be the never-ending disaster created once they go viral.
For those that think hiding the face makes them anonymous, someone will be able to recognise them or even add an accompanying chat to prove the source.
Even after hiding the face, the victim will be guilty after the pictures go viral.
To make matters worse, if the victim is not strong enough, suicidal thoughts can chip in.
Do not be that woman who is a victim of circumstances in a case where a man flirts with more than five women and sends texts requesting for nudes, hoping at least one would respond.
But it is never hidden forever because he might show his friends, maybe because you look too good for him to brag about you.
In some cases, a lover might lose his phone then some stranger finds the nude pictures.
Also, imagine the pressure created if you sent a nude picture and there is no response, it is worrisome before you realise that after all the time you spent trying to get the perfect shot, he fell asleep.
It is worth noting that the internet is a dangerous place. You could be going viral before you even know it.
Keeping nude pictures in the phone just for memory purposes is also not safe because they could accidentally be sent to the wrong person.
Maybe people look through your phone. Because your friends can never just look at one picture you are trying to show them – they don’t stop scrolling.
You are worth the wait. And anticipation is sexy. If he really loves you, he can wait.
You’re worth more than your naked body.
The author is a photojournalist and writer.

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