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Setting priorities (Part 5)

Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
WE HAVE been talking about priorities for the past few weeks. We have, up to this stage established just how important setting right priorities is in our lives. Setting right priorities gives a sense of control over time, life events and outcomes.
There is nothing as satisfying as getting hold of one’s destiny after passing through the process. Suddenly hustles of the process are forgotten due to the joy of success. Though they are circumstances beyond human control creates setting priorities, chances of determine how time is utilised and outcome of life.
Setting right priorities helps to ascertain that time is utilised to achieve maximum benefit. Failure to set right priorities result into wastage of time, opportunity to achieve the best in life and loss of control over ones destine. If the lined up priorities are met with utmost satisfaction within the stipulated time frame, then we get to have a sense of control. Achievement of set priorities enthuses for more success as one realises that he or she can live life meaningful and productively.
Priority setting calls for the appropriate direction of effort. Setting right priorities challenges us to come up with a clear course of action where our role in attaining the goal is clearly outlined. How much effort we put in as we pursue our priorities thus giving us control over the events we plan to do and their outcome.
Setting right priorities in life, and focus on achieving them is vital. Achievements certainly give us the inspiration to aim higher. It prepares for bigger and better challenges. Finally one a develops sense of control over time and the events of life and their outcome.
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