Set up service stations, DC challenges investors

CHIKANKATA district commissioner Sylvester Simayaba has challenged investors to set up service stations in the newly-created district.
Mr Simayaba said the absence of service stations in the area has perpetuated illegal fuel vending.
He said in an interview that the farming district is in dire need of service stations and other facilities such as banks.
“We need banks and service stations here. This district has a conducive environment for investment as we have a number of farmers and civil servants who are in dire need of these services,” he said.
Mr Simayaba lamented that farmers in the area are subjected to travel to Mazabuka district, which is over 80 kilometres to access banking facilities and other services.
And Mr Simayaba said Government will soon upgrade to gravel standard, a 40-kilometre stretch of the road from Chikankata turn-off to Chikankata High School.
He said the road will be tarred under the third phase of the Link-Zambia 8000 project.
“The Road Development Agency has awarded a contract for the upgrading of the Chikankata road. The contractor will soon begin mobilising equipment.
“The upgrading of the roads in the area is a golden jubilee independence gift for the people in this area as it will spur development,” Mr Simayaba said.
He said once upgraded, the road will reduce transport costs and attract investors to the district.
Mr Simayaba said the construction of district administrative offices, 20 housing units for civil servants, a post office and other facilities at a cost of about K16.7 million will commence soon.
“As I speak, Government has awarded a contract for the construction of the 20 housing units and we are just waiting for the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection to survey the land earmarked for construction,” he said.

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