Letter to the Editor

Sesheke in need of fire tender

Dear editor,
SOME good four months ago when I saw these fire-fighting machines at my border town of Sesheke, I thought one was going to be brought to Sesheke Town Council, for the service which we are not providing as a border town.

I vividly remember one scenario of a truck burning at this border town two years ago. The truck was carrying buffalo meat from India, so when it started burning, people were interested in stopping the fire from burning but were over powered and they attempted to open the truck so that they could save some of the things it was carrying. Inside it were the boxes of the said meat. A good number of people managed to get away with about five to 15 boxes.
After a short while, those who were at the scene started selling the meat within town. Actually, the health inspector had to warn people not to eat the meat as it was not certified but people never heeded the advice and consumed the meat. Some packs even reached Lusaka. Now the issue is: If we never had help in the past, the whole border would have been history.
Musiwa, Sesheke

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