Letter to the Editor

Services by Zampost disappointing

Dear editor,
I AM disappointed by the poor service by Zampost. I hold a post box number 36998 at Lusaka main post office which I pay for on quarterly basis.

I recently sent someone to pay for me the quarterly box rentals for July to September on the July 24, 2017 at Ridgeway Post Office and manual receipt number 408208 was issued but with a wrong box number which read 36991 instead of 36998 and was bearing my correct name. When a receipt was given to me on material date, I noticed the anomaly and sent a message to have it corrected but to date this has not been done.

I later made a following at Freedom Post Office and I was referred to the main post office where I lodged a complaint with a customer service officer who referred it to the accountant and he gave me the accountant’s number to make a follow-up. However, this accountant is not picking up my calls and not responding to my text messages.
Should we as customers stop accepting manual receipts? What if I had lost my receipt, are they able to believe the transaction? To date my account has not been updated and I am hereby appealing to authorities to intervene and have my account updated.


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