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Serenje needs more connectivity – MTN

From CHAMBO NG’UNI in Serenje
MTN Zambia says there is need to enhance mobile communication in Serenje to boost development and bring mobile services closer to the people
The mobile phone company has noted that despite Serenje experiencing growth and development over the years, some areas lack mobile communication services.
MTN Zambia chief sales and distribution officer Amon Jere said the company’s assessment has shown that Serenje needs to have enhanced mobile communication, especially that many people are farmers.
“As we expand our network in this region, we have noted that your people [Chief Chibale’s subjects] are a farming community,” Mr Jere said. “This means that they depend on their produce for sustenance.”
Mr Jere said on Saturday in Chief Chibale’s area that many small-scale farmers lack banking facilities, forcing people to spend their money immediately after selling their farm produce.
Mr Jere said without banking facilities, many farmers are failing to save.
He said MTN has been discussing with the Bank of Zambia on the importance of promoting mobile banking in the country.
“Our conversations with the Bank of Zambia highlight the fact that the central bank is concerned at this status. This is a concern that we share, and as a leading communications solutions provider, MTN Zambia provides a solution to this concern through Mobile Money,” Mr Jere said.
Mr Jere explained that MTN Mobile Money is a cash management service available on the cellular phone.
This facilitate is mainly about facilitating mobile banking services for the local market and it is available to all MTN Zambia clients.
Mr Jere said farmers do not need a bank to save money because MTN comes in where banking services do not exist.
He appealed to farmers in Serenje to take advantage of the MTN Mobile Money because the facility would help them to prudently manage their money.
“Once you sell your produce, the impulse to spend the cash there and then is high. But with MTN Mobile Money, it will help you safely save money for your children’s school fees and other projects you may be working on,” Mr Jere said.
MTN also erected a base transceiver station in Chief Chibale’s area where scores of residents jostled to buy phones and SIM cards.
He also said MTN Zambia, as a player in the mobile service industry, will embark on a nationwide sensitisation campaign on financial inclusion under the auspices of MTN Mobile Money.
Mr Jere noted that only 37 percent of the population is financially included in Zambia yet over 70 percent has mobile telephones making mobile banking a strategic solution in financial services delivery.
Mr Jere also assured Government that MTN Zambia would continue to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through various corporate social responsibility programmes.
Mr Jere said MTN is a “customer-centric” company that is committed to the development of Zambia.
“Everything we do is driven by customer demands and MTN Zambia is already looking at ways of enhancing our coverage as part of our network expansion programme,” Mr Jere said.

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