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Serenje farmers receive chemicals for armyworms

THE Ministry of Agriculture has provided chemicals to farmers in Chisomo area in Serenje district following an invasion of armyworms in their

maize fields.
The pests have also invaded some crop fields in Luano district and are destroying the maize farmers have planted on the banks of Lunsemfwa River.
Central Province agricultural coordinator Adreena Nasungwe said in an interview on Friday that her office has managed to get chemicals from Chibombo, which was one of the worst affected districts when the country experienced an outbreak of the pests last year.
“We have received a report about the problem [armyworm invasion].The chemicals have been delivered and will be used to spray the fields,” Dr Nasungwe said.
She also said the electronic voucher system under the Farmer Input Support Programme is being improved upon so that farmers can receive inputs in good time.
Dr Nasungwe said in hard-to-reach areas like Chisomo, farmers need to come together to collect farm inputs to reduce the high cost of transport.
She also urged councillors in far-flung areas to help farmers when it is time to get inputs from various collection points.