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Separated parents must co-ordinate

WHENEVER there are children born between two people, whether the parents were once married or not, the relationship does not fade because of the children shared.
Differences that may exist between the parents should not be extended to the children, after all children are a gift from God and need to be cherished and accorded all the affection.
This brings me to the story of a woman who is on separation with her husband. The man has since re-married. The man and his ex-wife are always at loggerheads over who has more affection for the children.
Whenever the children go to see the father, the woman, who I will call Sharon for convenience, is not pleased because she feels her ex-husband’s wife mistreats the children.
The children live with Sharon while their father renders support by paying for their school fees and any other means.
But the father’s concern is that Sharon takes advantage of him by milking him on pretext that all the demands she makes are because of the children, when in fact not.
According to him, Sharon has taken to the bottle as well as spends money meant for the children on herself. This has angered the man, who wants to sue for custody of the children.
It has almost become a norm that whenever the children go to see the father, a quarrel ensues whenever Sharon goes to pick them. She claims the man, together with his wife, do not care about the children.
Only two weeks ago, Sharon went to pick up the children at their father’s house, after spending a weekend.
Sharon arrived at her ex-husband’s house and only found his wife. In her drunken state, she began insulting the woman saying she needs to have her own children instead of always expecting her (Sharon’s) children to be spending weekends at their father’s place.
The two women began screaming at each other until the man appeared on the scene to try and calm the situation. However, the situation was nowhere near calm because Sharon received a few slaps from her ex-husband who demanded respect.
As all this was going on, the three children aged 13, 12 and seven were in tears as they watched helplessly their parents fight.
Sharon walked away with a black eye and headed straight to the police to report the assault against him.
The man was locked up for two days. No matter how bitter Sharon and her ex-husband may be towards each other, the relationship will continue to exist because of the children. The best the two could do is to be cordial towards each other.
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