‘Sensitisation on Zambia’s rich history needed’

FILE: MWATA Kazembe of the Lunda people of Luapula Province executes the conquest dance during a colourful Mutomboko traditional win public sympathy,” she said. ceremony in Mwansabombwe yesterday. PICTURE: ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS

ZAMBIA Tourism Agency board chairperson Peter Jones says there is need to teach citizens about the country’s history for them to be patriotic.

Mr Jones said Zambians who have knowledge about the country’s rich cultural heritage and the liberation struggle are likely to be more patriotic.

He was speaking during the launch of Poppy Appeal Zambia.
“That is why we want to go into schools to teach pupils about the independence struggle and the history behind the cenotaphs concerning Zambians who fought in the world war,” Mr Jones said.
He said historic sites such as cenotaphs have potential to…

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