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‘He is self-centred, irresponsible’

A LUSAKA housewife has complained in the Matero local court over her husband’s promiscuous behaviour, which has resulted in him fathering three children out of wedlock.
Before senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba was Florence Mwale, 34, of Ngwerere township, who had been sued for marriage reconciliation by her husband of 16 years, Stanford Mulando.
Mwale, a marketeer and mother of three, told the court that Mulando is an irresponsible husband whose indiscriminate womanising has led him to desert their matrimonial home so that he has more freedom to date as many women as possible.
“The woman he went to have children with came and abandoned his children with me, so I am the one who is looking after the children he has with other women,” she said.
Mwale told the court that she got married to Mulando in 1999 and that together they have three children. She said bride price was not paid.
“Mulando is a very violent and self-centred man; he fails to provide for our children. He does not allow me to enter our matrimonial bedroom saying that he no longer wants me as a wife. We have not slept in the same room as husband and wife since September,” she said.
Mwale refused to reconcile with Mulando because he denies her conjugal rights.
But Mulando told the court that Mwale is the one who chased him from their matrimonial home after a marital dispute.
Mulando pleaded with the court to reconcile them because he still loves her.
“I didn’t have time to pay bride price because of the problems we have been having. I need her in my life so we can help raise the children together,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court dismissed the claim because no bride price was paid.

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