‘Sefula Boy’ wows Mongu

PETERSEN performing at the Kuomboka Music Festival in Mongu last weekend.

THE usually lethargic Mongo Stadium was last weekend brought to life by the Kuomboka Music Festival which was headlined by Petersen and Mampi but also attracted some local rough diamonds who were only too happy to share the stage with the two Lusaka-based megastars.
While Mampi only performed on Saturday at the two-day festival which started the previous day, Petersen (Mukubesa Mundia) whose alma mater is Sefula, which is about 13 kilometres from Mongu, was with the locals on both days.
Mampi, the self-proclaimed queen diva who surprised her followers when she posted pictures of herself with a bald head on Instagram last week, spent Friday in Kaoma where she had another engagement.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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