Sefula alumni: School needs you

THE administration block of Sefula Secondary School, which was founded by the Paris Evangelical Missionary Reverend Francois Coillard.

ON one of his songs, musician Petersen (Mukubesa Mundia) talks about still being a Sefula boy despite the success he has had in his career. This is in reference to his school days at Sefula Secondary School in Mongu.
Sabeta Malunga Mwansa is proud of the education she received at Sefula Secondary School.
Ms Mwansa, who is head teacher at Rufunsa Girls Technical Secondary School, says Sefula made her the person that she is today.
“I learned to endure and to persevere in life because of the things I went through there. The school was not connected to the national grid, we used to bath from the stream and would go to fetch fire wood in the bush to bring to the kitchen,” she recalls.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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