Letter to the Editor

Seer1 should not be made a factor in Zambia

Dear editor,
HAVE you noticed that no matter how many times prophets make outlandish false prophecies, they never lack followers, and they don’t stop claiming God spoke directly to them?
Why do we need to be warned not to follow false prophets in the first place? Isn’t it obvious? That’s why Christians have to grow.
These words are true and they can be trusted! But in these last days false prophets must come so that prophecy is fulfilled.
For some few days now, I have been meaning to take a cool and reflective look at Seer 1.
How in the world can one young man like him from outside Zambia’s borders say one thing on Facebook and make massive headlines? The Zambians have made him a headline. That’s exactly what he wants. But that’s a shame to us!
My argument is that he should not be made a factor in Zambia. We shouldn’t even be reacting and later on throwing stones at him. He’s just a man working for a god. Of course he’s dangerous, but not so dangerous.
Remember; he’s not called Seer1 for nothing. But his fancy title is just a milestone of pride. He has such a blasphemous spirit from the ground up. He speaks damnable heresies to exploit those who don’t know the Bible (2 Peter 2:1-3). Love of money is what it is. We know Seer1 by his fruits.
Therefore, those wandering after prophets, make sure you have the Holy Spirit and trust Jesus to be your own guide so you are not deceived by prophets like Seer1.

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