Seek to unite politicians, Antonio urges clergy



THE clergy should not take political sides but seek to unite politicians, Patriotic Front media director Antonio Mwanza has said.
Mr Mwanza has alleged that some men and women of God are proxies of opposition political parties. He said this at a press briefing yesterday.
Mr Mwanza accused Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) secretary general Emmanuel Chikoya of harbouring a hidden political agenda.
Fr Chikoya was not reachable for comment as he is reportedly in Dubai. “Three weeks ago, I told members of the press that Father Emmanuel Chikoya and his colleagues were trying to organise what they call national prayers for peace, but their main aim is to invite President Edgar Lungu, and when he declines, accuse him of not being committed to peace. “They also want to reduce the President or equate him to CLICK TO READ MORE

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