Letter to the Editor

Security guards most neglected workers

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to express my views on the minimum wage.
Before I table my issues I would like to commend the Daily Mail for providing us with a platform on which we can air our views and express ourselves on matters affecting us and the nation.
I am not happy with the conduct of some of my colleagues who work in security firms.
Since the Minister of Labour and Social Security introduced the minimum wage in private companies, especially security companies, we are the people who are feeling the effects of a weak economy.
Maybe we are not considered as people.
I am saying this because three quarters of young people are working in security companies because of the high levels of unemployment in our country.
I hope the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is aware of the plight of security guards.
Imagine, my salary is K700 from which I have to pay K400 rent for the house I live in.
Mealie meal is now at K96, cheap relish K200 at Soweto Market.
I don’t even count grocery because I cannot afford them.
I have school going children, and I also need transport to and from work.
My appeal is that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security should inspect all security companies and interview their employees.
When people find some of us at our places of work we cannot tell them what we are going through.
We just pretend that all is well.
To tell you the truth, my fellow Zambians, in my household we are surviving by the grace of God.
I hope the officials at the ministry will read my letter. Maybe something may be done about the plight of security guards.
I have even attached my pay slip for you, Mr Editor, to see what I am talking about.

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