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Secret clubbing under new normal

FROM a distance, it looks like an innocent makeshift stall selling groceries, but there is something odd – the stall only attracts adults, including women idling around.
Following a ban on bars, taverns and nightclubs as a measure to stop the spread of COVID-19, some night spots are now operating secretly, selling alcohol under the table.
And this place on Kombe Street in Libala, Lusaka, is one such place. It is disguised as a grocery shop during the day, but operates as a drinking place in the evening.
At dusk, the spot gets packed with cars as people from all walks of life flock for a beer.
But residents in the area now want the local authorities to take action against the place as it is operating without toilets.
Roydah Kasengele fears diseases might break out in the area if authorities give the drinking spot a blind eye.
Other drinking places have also devised ingenious ways to operate undetected.
At the Red Dot bar in the same area, it is a knock-once-and-wait case, and patrons who frequent the place are CLICK TO READ MORE