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Second HIV test set

A TWENTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe’s Luangwa township who was allegedly told she was HIV-positive and put on anti-retroviral (ART) drugs will undergo a verification HIV test this week, Copperbelt provincial medical officer Consity Mwale has said.
Chipulu Mulenga of Luangwa township was told she was HIV-positive after a test at Luangwa Clinic and put on ART last year. She has been on treatment for eight months.
But the results of the numerous confirmation tests she had taken have all been negative.
Ms Mulenga is now seeking compensation from the Ministry of Health for the emotional distress she has been through as a result of the “wrong diagnosis”, which has also put her marriage on the line.
Dr Mwale said in an interview yesterday that investigations had reached an advanced stage and that the complainant (Ms Mulenga) would be tested for HIV again this week.