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Seasonal agro, domestic workers need cover – NAPSA

NANCY MWAPE, Livingstone
NATIONAL Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) says there is need to incorporate seasonal agricultural and domestic workers into the social security protection coverage.
NAPSA director general Charles Mpundu said social security in Zambia is currently undergoing reforms aimed at improving social protection for citizens.
“Employment is a key form of social security. There is need to extend social protection to the informal sector like the migrant workers, seasonal agricultural workers and domestic employees with uncertain contracts,” he said.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Mpundu said there is need to be open, pragmatic and help workers in the informal sector as it, too, require social security protection just like workers in formal employment.
“There is need to brainstorm on how the informal sector can be captured under the social security umbrella.
As NAPSA, our coverage of social security is only to formal employees, which is a very small fraction,” he said.
Mr Mpundu said people working in the informal sector also require benefits and income replacement in case of any eventuality.
Recently, NAPSA, together with the East and Central Africa Social Security Association (ECASSA), held a regional conference under the theme “Extending social security coverage”.
Mr Mpundu said Government is looking at reforming social security and harmonising various pieces of legislation such as retirement provision, social transfers and other benefits given to employees.
He said as the country moves forward, it is important that everyone is taken on, board including people in precarious jobs.
In a separate interview, the Platform for Social Protection Zambia, advocacy and policy engagement programme officer Vince Chipatuka said the formal sector in Zambia only has 600,000 people against a population of 13 million.
Mr Chipatuka said there is need for Government to ensure that workers, both in formal and informal jobs, require security protection.

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