Letter to the Editor

Schools should prepare well for ICT exams

Dear editor,
THIS is a reminder to school administrators to prepare well for the Grade nine ICT exams to avoid what happened last year.
Last year’s ICT exams were a scandal to say the least. Pupils were made to write the examination in groups due to insufficient computers in schools. As though that was not enough, pupils were made to spend nights in the classrooms as they sat for the exams very late.
It is commendable that Government has so far set aside K100 million to procure and install 12,000 computers in schools across Zambia. While this is a good start, it is my earnest appeal that schools engage the corporate world to supplement government efforts by buying more computers for schools to ensure that pupils take practical exams as individuals as opposed to the group arrangement.
School administrators should be proactive in engaging other stakeholders or indeed undertaking fundraising ventures with the view of buying computers.
It is my hope that lessons were learnt from last year’s experience and appropriate measures taken to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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