Letter to the Editor

School pupils dress code must be decent

Dear editor,
THE education policy demands that pupils in schools must dress decently to the required standard. The decent dress code should apply to

pupils of both public and private schools.
Despite the law being in place, some pupils have continued to wear short uniforms, different pairs of shoes, having inappropriate haircuts, and putting on make-up, to mention but a few.
Pupils in private schools are the major culprits where indecent dressing is concerned. In olden times, pupils could adhere to decent dress code and teachers were very strict in ensuring that pupils conform to the accepted dress code. If pupils were found wanting regarding dress code, punishment was meted out there and then.
Nowadays, some teachers seem to be reluctant in enforcing discipline on pupils who abrogate or violate school regulations. Indecent dress code by some pupils has led to high incidences of sexual immorality, for instance.
Parents of these pupils should also play a significant role by ensuring that the latter adhere to the standard dress code.
Should the issue of decent dress code of pupils be tabled in Parliament for revisiting?
In my view, this should not be the case because the school authorities can enforce disciplinary measures against pupils found wanting regarding indecent dress code.
These pupils are future leaders who should exhibit the highest standard of discipline including dress code. They should wear appropriate uniforms whenever at school.

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