Letter to the Editor

School authorities should not harass pupils over fees

Dear editor,
PUBLIC schools have changed the cycle of receiving examination fees from pupils. Instead of pupils paying their examination fees in Grade 12, they will pay these fees in term three while in grade 11.

This is a good idea given the high number of grade 12s who sit for examinations every year, more so that some sit around June/July.
It will help schools resolve a lot of issues and will help the Examinations Council of Zambia in administering the exams.
However, the Ministry of General Education should have advised parents/guardians in good time for planning purposes.
Most parents/guardians have just learnt about the revised cycle and are now planning to start paying for examination fees for their children/dependants.
We urge the Ministry of General Education to work with schools so that they give parents/guardians enough time to raise the fees.
School authorities should not resort to harassing pupils in case their parents/guardians delay to pay for the examination fees given the many competing demands that they have on their plates.

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