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Satellite technology to link remote areas – Mukanga

GOVERNMENT will require satellite technology to connect some of the remote districts which will not be serviced by fibre optic technology..
Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga said government intends to increase access and promote widespread deployment of information communications technology (ICT) services through the expansion of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure to cover the whole country.
“The ministry is in the process of developing the national broadband strategy with the aim of providing broadband services that are affordable on a competitive basis wherever possible to all Zambians,” he said.
Mr Mukanga was speaking at the launch of Telplus Communications Company on Tuesday.
He said government has embarked on an e-governance project which has seen adaptation of new ICT initiatives across government ministries.
Under phase one of the project, the Ministry has managed to interconnect 24 ministries and spending agencies in Lusaka through a fibre optic technology-based Government Wide Area Network (GWAN) designed to facilitate shared services.
“With the completion of phase one, the government is now in the process of embarking on phase two and phase three which will cover provinces and districts respectively,” Mr Mukanga said.
He commended Telplus for investing in Zambia and urged the company to provide valuable jobs.
And Telplus chief executive officer Chim Malawo said her company will provide reliable satellite communication services.
“Anyone who lives in Zambia knows that there are occasions when we lose access to the internet, sometimes for an entire day. With satellite communications, we will avoid that kind of disruption. We will be online all the time, that is a powerful strength for government and businesses,” she said.
The company has invested over US$200,000 in the satellite communications equipment and capacity building of  its employees.