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Sata’s son recounts last moments

“Goodnight my son. I love you and always will love you,” President Sata said to his son Gerald hours before he died.
Gerald in a tribute to his father laments how President Sata called him informing him that he would be travelling back to Zambia on Friday.
“You called me at 20:00 hours to say goodnight. You asked me if I had brushed my teeth and if I had done my studies,” Gerald says in a posting on his Facebook page.
“You laughed at me on phone saying I am a lazy chap and need to wake up at 03:00 hours to study, you said to me goodnight my son I love you and always will love you,” he added.
Gerald said his father later sent him a text reminding him to see him by 06:00 hours because it was going to be a daddy and son day.
“So I got up today, got ready and waited to be picked up to come and meet you, I reached where you are, everyone else was sad, but I smiled to them and laughed, I said where is my daddy, nobody answered me,” he said.
“I looked for mommy, I couldn’t see her, I looked for you but I was not told where you are till I saw Mom come out from that room looking very sad and crying,” Gerald said.
“I know Mom to be a very strong woman but today I saw her cry, she hugged me and told me you have gone to be with God, you have gone to a better place, a place where you will not suffer no more, a place where you will rest peacefully, she told me you told her to tell me to take care of her.”