Sata supported agro sector, says TAZ

LATE President Sata will be remembered for implementing good agricultural policies which resulted in the growth of the sector, the Tobacco Association of Zambia (TAZ) notes.
TAZ finance and administration manager Owen Simukoko said Government under the leadership of President Sata promoted diversification rather than depending on maize to be more food secure.
Mr Simukoko said in Lusaka on Wednesday that President Sata will also be remembered because of the massive infrastructure projects which have helped in the easy movement of agricultural produce around.
“In the agriculture sector, a lot of positive things such as timely fertiliser distribution which has boosted productivity among farmers, unlike in the past when farmers used to get the commodity very late, which negatively affected the sector.”
“We are saddened by the death of our President…We are calling on Zambians to remain peaceful and calm. Generally, he did a lot of positive things in terms of infrastructure development,” he said.
Under the leadership of President Sata, Government increased resources allocated to the agriculture sector which resulted in the industry recording a historic achievement during the 2013/14 farming season when over 3.35 million metric tonnes of maize was harvested, the highest tonnage ever attained.
Mr Simukoko said the late head of State implemented various policies in the agriculture sector, mainly increasing of extension officers aimed at equipping farmers with the technical knowledge and skills to be productive.
President Sata also implemented good agricultural policies which resulted in the rapid growth of the sector since he assumed office.

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