Letter to the Editor

Sata son must remain strong

Dear editor,
When I read Sata’s son saying, “I have no more reason to live on earth”, it touched me.
I have walked through this corridor of pain and I agree with him that that’s exactly how it feels when you lose a father.
Your father  is your hero and you want him to be watching over you like a baby learning to walk.
You want him to watch all that you become in future and every step you make in life.
The pain and shock are real and it may even take a long time.
However, there is more to live for. Actually that pain can sometimes unveil more clearly the true reason for living.
Let this pain be a defining factor for Mr Sata’s life, and also help him become a better person.
But most importantly, let him take this time to mourn his father.  I repeat, let him mourn his father, but with his head up. Time will heal him.
Strength and peace be to the rest of the first family.

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