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Sata projects to continue – Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu has assured Zambians that he will be their ally in the war against inequality, social injustice and deprivation.
President Lungu said during his inauguration at National Heroes Stadium yesterday that he comes from a humble background of anguish and deprivation and vowed to fight poverty.
“President Sata’s legacy will forever be our beacon of inspiration. I will be your reliable and uniting ally in our war against inequality, social injustice and deprivation,” President Lungu said
The head of State said he has become President at a time when the outlook for the global economy is gloomy.
“There will be need not only for belt-tightening but for radical rethinking of the way we do things. It cannot be business as usual,” Mr Lungu said
President Lungu said he will continue building all social-economic infrastructure projects planned under the late President Sata.
“All the projects and programmes shall be executed as planned and where possible even accelerated,” he said.
President Lungu said he will run a listening government and will keep its doors open to workers, farmers, and business people, including those on the streets.
And Mr Lungu has assured investors that their investment is safe and Government is open to dialogue so that it continues to provide the desired conducive environment for private sector growth.
President Lungu also assured military personnel that he will double the number of their houses.
“As your President, I want to focus on doubling the number of defence personnel houses and other essential workers,” he said
President Lungu said he will complete the massive road expansion programme and the 650 health posts.
“My administration shall continue with the transformation of our country. To realise this dream, we must remain a beacon of peace and hope. We ought to stick to the rule of law and good governance,” he said.

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