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Sata: man of the people

THE demise of the fifth president, Michael Chilufya Sata, on Tuesday October 28, 2014 at King Edwards VII Hospital in London is a big blow to the republic of Zambia.
Our beloved President and father of our nation was evacuated to London to seek medical treatment on October 20, 2014.
He was a man for the people, as his leadership traits, both as an opposition leader and later as the Head of State, were exceptional.
He was a charismatic man who really walked the talk by being action-oriented as evidenced by the massive development projects he has initiated during his three-year tenure of office.
These include improving the road infrastructure, construction of hospitals and clinics, secondary schools and universities nearly in all the districts.
His leadership style inspired many people, both within and outside the country.
The fight against corruption was top on his agenda in a bid to fight a vice that is detrimental to national economic development.
In this regard many people who were involved in corrupt practices, among them some civil servants and those in the echelons of power, the politicians trembled.
Some of these people were prosecuted and ultimately sentenced. Some of them are still appearing in the courts of law.
No one can honestly dispute the assertion that President Sata improved the economic status of Zambia by instituting some good economic policies which have started bearing fruits.
This was a manifestation of the true leadership our departed leader possessed.
Every person has enemies, and late President Sata was not an exception.
He might have had some enemies.
Some people may have hated him for reasons best known to themselves.
This is normal, especially that he was a public figure and was at the helm of the nation.
All said and done, let us all bury the hatchet and mourn him with the dignity he deserves.
He has run his race and deserves to be crowned for the selfless service he rendered to Mother Zambia.
He has died at a time our country is commemorating the golden jubilee of our independence.
He was born on July 7, 1937, which means that he has died at the age of 77.
The death of Sata should not divide us during this very trying moment.
This is because Zambia is known as a beacon of peace across the world. His demise is a big blow to the nation.
May his soul rest in peace.
We cannot help giving our beloved President a befitting tribute; to bid goodnight to a great son of Zambia.
Michael Chilufya Sata, son of the soil, freedom fighter, man of forgiveness and reconciliation, a voice for the vulnerable and the poor, is no more.
You were God’s gift to Zambia. Now you are gone.
Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we commit the soul of our President into thy hands.
President Sata, you have departed from us, but you will live on in our hearts for generations to come.
Let it be forever remembered that you were always a precious stone to us.
You did more than exist, you lived. You did more than listen, you understood.
Grace was in all your steps, love and laughter in your voice, in every gesture was kindness and humility.
You concealed your anger but shared your smiles. You gave so much and yet demanded so little.
Yes, you served and kept the faith. The past is now history, the future a mystery, but we will hold dear our memories of you, your smile, and the sound of your laughter…forever.
Thou art gone to rest, and this shalt be our prayer… that when we reach our journey’s end, we will share God’s glory together with thee.
Sleep on, man of a humble heart, and take thy rest. God thought it best to give you rest.
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