Saro, SA firm agree to promote irrigation

A SOUTH AFRICAN agricultural company, Senter 360, has partnered with Saro Agro Industrial Limited to promote and expand irrigation system to support farmers in the country.
Senter 360 is a privately-owned company specialised in surveying, system design, and installation and commissioning of irrigation systems, with centre pivot irrigation being a major part.
According to the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) Friday brief, the programme is designed to meet specific irrigation needs for small, medium and large scale farmers across different landscapes in the country.
“Saro Agro Industrial Limited and Senter 360 have partnered to promote and expand irrigation potential in Zambia. The Senter 360 pivot is built on principles of smart agriculture with emphasis on energy and water-use efficiency,” the statement reads.
Under the partnership, the two firms will provide a platform to prospective users of the irrigation equipment to access training and mechanical service.
ZNFU welcomed the partnership, saying farmers face challenges in terms of accessing irrigation equipment.
“We welcome this development because it has the potential to expand prospects for irrigation equipment on the different financial schemes being offered by the union,” the statement reads.
Meanwhile, farmers in Mpongwe last week received all the inputs under the farmer input support programme for the 2014/15 farming season.
However, some farmers have expressed disappointment over the late delivery of inputs which has affected their yields.

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