‘Santa’ Flow presents Xmas gifts

B’FLOW with former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa.

IN THE spirit of the festive season, award-winning musician B’flow (Brian Bwembya) spent part of last weekend singing and presenting gifts to patients at the Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) in Lusaka.

B’flow joined The Breakthrough Cancer Trust and former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa who were at the health facility to handover early Christmas gifts to patients.
A month ago, B’flow announced that he was joining the campaign against cancer.
Dressed as Santa Claus, B’ Flow was captured on social media preparing to distribute Christmas hampers to patients who were also treated to some therapeutic carols.
B’flow told the Weekend Mail it was a joyful experience putting smiles on the patient’s faces.
“Nothing beats the joy of putting a smile on the faces of those in need of strength,” he said. “Every song we sang in every ward came from the heart and I have peace in my heart because of everything we did today. May God give strength to every human being battling cancer.”
B’flow thanked the Breakthrough Cancer Trust patron, for responding to the needs of the cancer patients.
Meanwhile, B’flow, who has been a voice for women in his songs, is in the studio working on his fifth album as well as a compilation featuring artistes from Music for Change stable.
“I’m trying to introduce the artistes that are under music for change studios, they’ve been on the label for a good two years but they haven’t yet been heard,” he says.
“It was a deliberate move to keep and prepare them for the public because we know that they have the talent but some of us never had people to guide us on how to go about the whole experience of becoming famous, how to handle yourself in public and how to react to different situations so we have to prepare them before they can come out.”
B’flow says the compilation album will be released in February and will be called Music for Change volume one.
Some of the artistes who will be on the album are D2, Zed Pride, JC Starboy and Blessy.
He said the compilation will have 10 songs and is being produced by Jerry Fingers, Kekero, Ron Kay and will feature Kantu and Shyman as well.
“Some of the songs were done by the whole team and there are some which are specifically done individually,” he says.
“We have Mr Right by B’flow which provokes the mind of a man, the one you enter into a relationship with a lady, she considers you her mr right and that is what you are expected to be.”
Other songs are Umutima by JC Starboy featuring B’flow, Nimbwela by Blessy featuring B’flow, One for Me by Zed Pride and Nangu Waliya featuring Drimz which is already out and playing.
B’flow also says he has already started working on his album which is expected to be released in June.
“It’s a combination of what I was originally known for and what I’m now known for. I was known for dancehall and I’m also exploring other topics,” he says.
“There has also been an outcry from my male fans, they feel that I only sing about women. I’ll talk about women that are killing their spouses. I also realise that in terms of entertainment, my fans have missed some club banger, up tempo music so I’m also adding that.
“To my fans, I do realise and acknowledge that I’ve been missed as an entertainer. I think I’ve found my purpose as an artist, there’s no way I can entertain without giving them the message that will better their lives.”

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