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Samsung sees potential in Zambia

ZAMBIA has the potential to attract more investment because of the stable political and business environment, Samsung Electronics vice-president for mobile communications business Sung Yoon has said.
Mr Sung said Zambia has the potential to develop because of the stability the country enjoys.
“Stability is very important. Some countries have civil wars and it is extremely difficult to invest and continue doing business in those countries, but Zambia is relatively stable and good for business. It is better to have a more stabilised government,” Mr Sung said.
He was speaking in an interview at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone in New York recently.
Mr Sung said Zambia is a developing country, which has potential to grow.
“When I visited Zambia in January this year, I likened it to Korea. The country is small and developing just like Korea in past years. On a personal note, I am interested in contributing a little bit more by donating items to help the needy in Zambia. I have a friend who is already doing that,” he said.
He said Samsung is focusing more on investing in Africa and hope to realise more sales through marketing its wide range of products.
“We have competition from other brands but we want to listen to our customers and ensure that we provide a good service,” he said.
And Mr Sung said Samsung, like other institutions, has been affected by the global downturn.
“There are ups and downs always in the global economy and for the past 10 to 20 years, there have been problems in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” he said.