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Same bullet killed Nsama, Kaunda – expert

THE bullet which penetrated former prosecutor Nsama Chipyoka’s chest before he died is the same one which led to the death of United Party for National Development (UPND) sympathiser Joseph Kaunda, a forensic expert has told the Lusaka High Court.
Daniel Banda,48, assistant superintendent at Zambia Police headquarters, narrated that the nature of the wounds found on Mr Nsama and Mr Kaunda’s bodies indicates that they were hit by the same bullet.
“The characteristics of the wounds on Mr Kaunda were similar to the exit wound on Mr Nsama in formation and general shape,” Mr Banda said.
This is in a case Fanwell Nyundu, a 25-year-old officer, is facing two counts of murder.
On December 23 last year, Nyundu allegedly murdered Mr Chipyoka and Mr Kaunda.
The victims were allegedly shot dead by Mr Nyundu as police officers dispersed UPND supporters who had gathered at the CLICK TO READ MORE