Salma Sky threatens thrice, releases single

SINGER Salma Sky.

SINGER Salma Sky on Sunday released her first single this year titled Triple Threat, which she says will eventually lead to the release of her debut later.

Salma says the song is meant to celebrate her career so far and a moment to give herself a pat on the back for every project she has so far put out.
“It’s a celebration of my career so far. It’s my moment to give myself a pat on the back for every project I’ve put out because I know how hard I’ve worked and it’s a promise to myself and my fans that I will stay committed to my music,” she says.
The song is a solo performance which was produced by Sky Music Group. It also has a video which was shot by Tivo Shikapwasha Films, which is owned by her husband.
Salma says the inspiration behind the song has had to do with starting the year upbeat.
She says she has to set a tone for what she is about to do and the greatness she is destined to become. She says she needed to express that to frame her mind for a great year ahead.
Her plans this year are to keep putting out amazing records, cross borders and compete internationally and taking Zambia music where it has not gone before.
“My prayer is to fulfil my dreams of making music that will be timeless and impact people for generations to come. People should look out for more music by Salma Sky this year, it’s going to be a great year,” she says.
Salma originally planned to her release her debut album last year.
“I was perfecting the project and had to take care of all the promotional and business aspects of putting out an album,” she says.

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