Letter to the Editor

Rural communities excluded from financial literacy

Dear editor,
MANY people (especially those in urban areas) are or may be aware that our country has a national strategy for financial literacy which is aimed at educating the masses about how to make good use of their financial resources.Many commercial banks have this facility under what they call financial fitness programme.
Unfortunately, this national strategy does not seem to be national at all. It is restricted to urban areas where at least a few people have chance to attend some functions at which financial literacy is disseminated.
In my view, those mandated to carry out financial literacy should not limit their operations to urban areas only but should spread their operations to peri-urban and rural areas.
Banks, which are the main actors in this matter, have corporate social responsibility departments which they should use to visit all needy areas and educate them about financial literacy.
Churches, which have captive audiences, can be used as meeting places for such activities. Marketeers, small and medium enterprise business people should be among the targets. Such financial educational activities should be held regularly so that many people benefit.
In the same vein, I wish to appeal to the Ministry of Commerce to decentralise the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) initially to the provincial centre and in due course to district level in the spirit of taking services closer to people. Many people find it difficult to access the services of Zambia Development Agency in particular and other government economic agencies because nearly all of them are based in Lusaka. Please follow the 7th National Development Plan to accelerate development without leaving no one behind.
Kapiri Mposhi

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