RTSA to auction motor vehicles

ROAD Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) board chairman Webster Nonde (left) and the agency’s CEO Zindaba Soko during an inspection of road infrastructure on Kafue Road in Lusaka yesterday. The Road Agency intends to install a traffic surveillance system on the highway to enhance road safety. PICTURE: CHANDA MWENYA

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will start auctioning impounded and abandoned vehicles which remain uncollected for over 30 days.
Chief executive officer Zindaba Soko said RTSA has had a problem dealing with motor vehicles that are abandoned by owners after being impounded.
Mr Soko said at a press briefing yesterday the situation has caused needless congestion at RTSA premises and that the agency has been exploring means of disposing of unclaimed motor vehicles.
“Some of the impounded vehicles have been in the custody of the agency for over two years and the owners have simply abandoned them,” he said.
Mr Soko said Statutory Instrument (SI) number 91 of 2016 allows RTSA or the Zambia Police Service to sell an impounded vehicle by public auction if it is not claimed by the owner within 30 days.
He said this will place the responsibility on the owner to ensure that their motor vehicle is collected within 30 days.
“The appropriate authority is required to apply the proceeds of sale, after deducting the fine and other costs incidental to the storage and disposal of the impounded vehicle, to pay the balance to the owner of the impounded vehicle,” Mr Soko said.
He said RTSA yards are full of impounded vehicles which the owners have either abandoned or are not willing to collect.
Mr Soko said there is also the risk of vehicles being cannibalised with time, exposing the agency to unnecessary litigation.
He said in the last quarter of 2016, Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba issued a 13 SIs to enhance road safety.

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