Letter to the Editor

RTSA should think outside the highway code

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT’S decision to phase out hiace buses is commendable and long overdue.

Hiace buses are not comfortable and therefore not suitable as public passenger vehicles.
I am wondering why Government had tolerated hiace buses for a long time.
I also wish to urge the Road Transport and Safety Agency to come up with a routing policy to make people’s movement’s easier.
I cannot imagine that in the 21st century, all buses coming from various destinations within Lusaka have to terminate in town.
RTSA should help sanitise the road sector by providing a roadmap which all transporters, especially public passenger couriers should follow.
Imagine travellers from Chelston going to Chilenje and vice-versa being forced to go to town first. It is time consuming and a waste of resources.
We look forward to a day when a person going to UTH from Kaunda Square will have direct service.
Please RTSA, think outside the box, for once.

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