Letter to the Editor

RTSA should be flexible

Dear editor,
THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) should learn to be helpful and not useless in some instances.
I travelled to Livingstone for holiday, and left my white book in Lusaka. I renewed my insurance in Livingstone.
Then I went to have my road tax validated for 2019.
RTSA could not do it because I do not have the white book.
The Mobility Vehicle (MV) is mine and all particulars are mine.
Some RTSA officers are blatantly unhelpful.
One officer refused to verify my details in their so-called system.
I was advised to seek an audience with the manager, and the manager was nowhere to be seen.
In the absence of the white book, does it mean RTSA has no other means of verifying authenticity of MVs? Maybe we should kneel to these people?

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