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RTSA seems set to maximise revenue

Dear editor,
AS ANTICIPATED, the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) appears to be placing the new static speed cameras at locations which are designed to maximise revenue collection rather than enhance road safety.In other words, these are places where the current speed limit could safely be exceeded, rather than locations where speeding is genuinely dangerous.
Rumour has it that some motorists are taking the law into their own hands and removing some of these cameras at night.
Whilst I don’t condone such actions, I think they are an understandable reaction to authorities more concerned about maximising revenue rather than genuinely trying to reduce accidents.
I suggest RTSA should have first undertaken a through audit of the current speed limits and supporting signage and then rationalise and clarify them before introducing these cameras, which should then have only been placed in potentially dangerous locations for overspeeding.
But I guess based on past experience, this is just wishful thinking.

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